10 Breakfast Recipes

by Priyanka Singh
10 Breakfast Recipes

10 Breakfast Recipes – It is said that breakfast should never be left in the morning. This is the most important mile all day, in which you can keep yourself healthy by eating a full stomach. Many times it happens that we eat anything in the early morning to go to office in the morning. Such as paratha with butter, noodles prepared in oil or deep frying food. Which is one of the most useless miles for breakfast in the morning. Breakfast can also make your day and spoil your day. If you take breakfast everyday and eat some nutritious diet instead of eating, then you can see the importance of doing it yourself. You stay empty stomach for the whole night long. When you do breakfast in the morning, it works to power your body by charging your body.

Traditional Western breakfast is full of bananas, eggs, pancakes and sauces, which is going to increase calorie intake with taste. For the past few days, people have been encouraged to have a healthy breakfast, in which they like to eat food bread, porridge, pancake, kinua salad and soy milk.

Indian food is at the top in nutritious food. Before turning to West’s famous food trend, you know how to prepare yourself a variety of healthy options in the breakfast. It includes Upma, Dosa, Mulayam idli, Parathas made in hot oil, Traditional Thepala and Poha.

Even in steam cooked idlis, you can make a nice Breakfast Recipes by mashing in the sambhar. So keeping your health in mind, you are bringing some alternative and healthy breakfast Recipes options to you, which you can prepare in minutes without much time.

Ots idli

Light and soft Idli, which you can prepare with oats, is a good breakfast option.

Soft Idli, which you can prepare with oats

Lentil paratha

You can make parathas very easily by the day or night’s left lentils. That too with less oil

methee ka thepala (Fenugreek Thepella)

The Gujaratis have less choice in the therapeutic calories and have a healthy breakfast option.

Moong Dal Chila

Indian pancake, which is full of nutrients. By preparing a batter of moong dal, you can fill the paneer and vegetables in it.this is very healthy Breakfast Recipe.

Misal paw

If you want to start your day with a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast, then you can serve a mixture of many types of vegetables with ticklish bread.

rava upama

Sugi Upma, which you can make in fresh vegetables, spices, lentils, aromatic nuts and curry leaves. Gourn coconut from above can be used for garnishing.

Namakim Seviya

Make your boring morning fresh and refreshing to prepare in Savita. Prepare them in a homogeneous taste with a little oil and salt.


Prepare creamy batter in rice, urad dal and spices. By compressing it on the pan, you can also taste onion, tomatoes and curry leaves from above.


This healthy snack, full of nutrition, can be prepared in jokes. To make Poha you need fresh vegetables and crispy peanuts.
To make poha you need fresh vegetables and crispy peanuts

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